Saturday, March 23, 2013

Winter Needs To Take A Nap ...

This photograph was taken on March 5.

We got quite a bit of snow that day. Enough to require two hours of shoveling the next morning. The shoveling was good exercise, sure, but there's something irksome about shoveling in March.

Still, I had a lot of baking to do that Tuesday and I was happy to be in my kitchen, oven warm, KitchenAid whirring, creating part of a birthday gift for a friend.

It was cozy, actually. The aroma of warm butter and sugar wafting through the house, the snow falling outside. Martha Stewart would have approved.

It was also still winter, technically. In my mind, winter is December, January, and February. In my mind, seasons divvy up by months. Not days. But fine. Spring was not due to arrive until this week.

And so it has arrived.

And tomorrow, we're due for another winter storm.

I've seen a couple of forecasts, a couple of estimates for inches of snow. One said 1-3. Well, that's manageable. Annoying but manageable. One, though, suggested 6-8. That one is based on a map supplied by Tom Skilling. Tom seems like a very nice guy, if a little too chatty for the allotted length of his segments, but the key point here about Tom is that he's rather legendary for his accuracy. Granted, weather will do what weather will do, but Tom hasn't been a weatherman for this many years raking in that many weatherman bucks for being wrong all the time. He's no Steve Martin in "L.A. Story."

And so, it's sunny at the moment. But tomorrow, more snow is supposed to arrive.

That vexes me. I'm terribly vexed.*

Winter, you had your turn. Did Mother Nature never teach you to share? Or can you not read a calendar? It's spring's turn now. You're overstaying your welcome, which is simply bad manners.

The coziness factor has waned. I actually want to do yard work. I want to cut the grass.

When I want to cut the grass, you know that winter has gone on too long.

I need to see something bloom, dammit.

* Yep, that's from Gladiator. I'm a Joaquin Phoenix fan.


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