Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sublime ...

Like everyone else, I'm sure, I was stunned the first time I saw this image of Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln.

Day-Lewis is a brilliant actor in every role but Lincoln was truly the role he was born to play.

I finally saw the film today.

I cried when the vote was read.

And on the way home, I decided that Meryl Streep should have handed Day-Lewis two Oscars last Sunday. One statue doesn't seem enough to acknowledge his portrayal.

Brilliant. Beyond brilliant. Sublime.

And all due appreciation to Tony Kushner for his obsessive attention to accuracy on top of his eloquence.

And to Steven Spielberg, of course. The scene in the theater was perfection.


Blogger angelo said...

He and Meryl should be in every movie together this year. Even if it's a silly, big budget, mind numbing Summer crash 'em up. They wouldn't have to have any lines or even real scenes. Just before the mutant, manmade robot turtle, that was created to help mankind, but has gone horribly-horribly wrong and is about to crush the lab "it was born in" with it's ginormous, yet stubby feet---Meryl and Daniel walk past it unfazed (and not noticing it), in white lab coats talking to each other about trying that new hummus place for lunch. They walk away unscathed and off to lunch. We do not see them again in the movie...

6:32 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

I see you've put a little thought into this!

Also, let's set 'em up at a table in a lovely restaurant, bring 'em a series of amazing dishes, keep their wine glasses filled, set up a couple of cameras an unobtrusive distance away, and capture their conversation over lunch for two hours.

I'd totally watch that.

6:40 AM  
Blogger angelo said...

OH. I would SO watch that. THAT, is some reality TV I can get behind.

C'mon networks. Make this kind of TV stuff happen. You need a tax write off somewhere and you don't care what it is. You already think it will fail. If you do it as a lark (snickering the whole time and waiting to say, "I told you so") you can create a win-win for yourselves.

IF it fails, you can be all proud and self important (more than you already are) and if it succeeds, you don't care that you were wrong, cause you'll make it look like it was your idea anyway AND you get to make more money. It really is perfect for the network executive DNA.

Make it so.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Wasn't there some Rachael Ray variant of this already? I seem to remember her having meals with people and them being on TV.

Of course, I have no desire to watch Rachael Ray dine with people. I just want to watch the people dine with each other.

I think Meryl and Daniel would totally be on board with this. Seriously, why is this not on OWN already?!

7:28 AM  
Blogger angelo said...

There may have been a RR version. I do not know. OWN seems like the right fit, but this is my humble view----don't preach to the converted. GO BIG. Do a show like this the way you would and American Idol and pour mktg dollars and all sorts of "Step up right this way folks.." kind of song and dance so that people that would NOT normally look for it, find it. Help people find it! There is an audience out there and we need to address them. Hell, there may even be an audience that didn't think they would like it, but if we don't let them know it exists in a BIG WAY, they will never know.
Make the extraordinary, not a NICHE but the norm.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Well, I'm on board with that!

Do you have Simon Cowell's number in your phone?!

I thought of OWN because she already has so many famous folks popping up doing interviews and such. But then, why reinvent the wheel on her network? Which is exactly your point.

Shall we make it a mission to supplant all the Real Housewives dreck with stuff like this?!

7:36 AM  

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