Monday, March 25, 2013

Really, Jayson? Really? Part VII ...

I've become a bit of a Jayson junkie. It's not all Jayson's fault. But when I poke through shelter magazines and see simple forms at ridiculous prices, I think of Jayson all over again. Perhaps I'll start doing round-ups of asinine pricing elsewhere. But today is another Jayson day.

This was the item that inspired this post. It's from Belgium, not France, for a change. But when I saw the price — $2,995 — I thought, "Huh. That doesn't seem like a lot of money for the Ark of the Covenant."

Yes, I know it's not exactly the same as what we saw in "Raiders of the Lost Ark," but that's what it calls to mind. For me.

Antique Carved Sideboard – $2,995

And then I saw this table. This faux-tusk table. On a Lucite base. From Paris, just in case you were under the impression that all things from Paris were obviously Parisian. Then again, around the middle of the 20th Century, maybe this was obviously Parisian. Or maybe somebody set out to make a table after imbibing a little too much absinthe. But no matter your positions on faux tusks and Lucite, I think we can all agree that $11,995 is pretty spectacular. Though not in a good way.

Vintage Faux Tusk Table – $11,995

And lastly, a castle door. An antique castle door. Salvaged from a Dutch castle. In Holland, of all places! There are two available, in case you have door frame that's 88" w x 142" h. And door jambs made out of, I dunno, steel beams?

Antique Castle Door – $4,995, set of two available, priced individually


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