Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Really, Jayson? Really? Part VI ...

I don't usually go back to the Jayson well so soon on this site, but last night, I spied something that damn near made me groan. Which in turn led me to click out of the Flea section and into the regular-store offerings and, well, here we are again.

This was the damn-near-groan-inducer. Yes, of course it's from France. It's dimensions are 11"w x 7.5"d x 6.25"h. First of all, who needs a stool that's 6.25" high? Especially a stool that looks like it's about to collapse from ennui? What use does this serve? A perch for feathers that have escaped from pillows? Could it support any more weight than that? A paper doll, perhaps? For $350? Oh, Jayson.

Vintage Stool - $350

Next, a pouf. Granted, it's handwoven. Granted, it's lambswool. Granted, it's 40 inches wide. But who is dropping more than $1,000 on this? To plop on their floor? You know this is going to become a dog bed if the buyer has a dog. And it's going to become a shag pouf if the buyer has a cat. Jayson, do you realize why you had to mark this down from its nearly $1,300 price? Because it was nearly $1,300! What is your markup on products? Geesh.

Beecher Pouf - On sale for $1,036, marked down from $1,295. You'd save 20%!

Next, a llama throw. For $695, Jayson, I don't want to know it's woven from llama wool, I want to know it was woven by a llama. You show me a llama at a loom, I will find $695 for this throw. Otherwise, no thank you.

Llama Throw - $695

And lastly, a legitimate "Oh, that's nice" find. Mind you, I wouldn't plunk down $195 for a pillow, but it's pretty.

Velvet Geo Pillow - Grey - $195


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