Saturday, March 16, 2013

Adornment ...

I like to wrap.

But even more, I like to ribbon.

It's a combo platter, sure. Though I know some folks who just wrap gifts and don't bother beyond that. Not even with sticky bows. Hell, I've known people who bought printed boxes and skipped the paper all together.

But I like creating presents. It's good therapy. It's one of those tasks that requires my focus, so I can shut out whatever else might be going on and channel my energy into tightly folded corners and effusions of ribbon.

I've written about my ribbon before, my true addiction, my stash.

I was amused to reread this post about perfectionism from 2008, especially this:

"So why doesn't everyone produce cookies and packages that look like Martha Stewart held a gun to their heads? I guess they're just less obsessive. And I think that's a good thing."

But within the last week, I had occasion to wrap gifts for a friend's birthday and it brought me an inordinate amount of glee.

I pondered purple to pair with a silver polka-dot paper. I pulled three shades. (Yes, I have a lot of ribbon.) I thought I might use all three, intertwined, but when I curled the lengths into piles and looked at them side by side by side, I fell in love with the ombre effect, so the ombre effect remained.

I'd never done that before. I shall be doing that again!

For the second gift, I kept the paper in the same silver family but wanted a more sophisticated treatment for the ribbon. I pulled great lengths of two shades of silver ribbon, gathered it in loose loops, pinching about a third of the way down, tied it to the package, and then snipped the loops open and ended up with something fluid and shaggy.

Sometimes, I get theme-y, like all silver paper and all white ribbon:

And sometimes, I get silly, like using race-car paper for a guy's 50th birthday (with coordinating ribbon, of course):

And sometimes, I can't decide what colors to use, so I just use every one that relates to each other:

As vices go, I'm OK with having this one.


Anonymous jon said...

Oh, the silver on silver. That's some ribbon!

If I worked in an office among curious co-workers where packages got delivered to my desk, I would pay someone to send me a weekly box containing between two and four russet potatoes, but wrapped and ribboned like that, and then let my co-workers see me open it, but never explain the potatoes.

I think that would be funny. Maybe this is why I don't work in an office.

9:39 PM  

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