Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whither Sunlight? ...

This morning, I was happy to wake up to the sun.

I'm a big fan of grey days but I have my limits. Really, I'd prefer them on demand. Maybe if I lived in a virtual world, I could dial up the weather of my choice. But no, here I am, stuck in what passes for reality. It's hard to tell sometimes, what with the crap I see on TV.

But it was bright today, the sun doing its solar thing, providing energy if not to my body than at least to my mind.

I took a shower in my windowless bathroom. And then, deciding that a shower could not be my principle accomplishment for the day, I headed into my office's closet to continue this past weekend's productivity and then sat at my desk to shred. Paper. Not myself. Nor a guitar.

Upon leaving my office, I glanced to my left, through the dining-room window to the world outside.

And I said, "Ooh, big grey time."

Ooh, big grey time?

What my brain was thinking was, "Oh, it has gotten quite overcast."

What my brain told my mouth to say, for some reason, was, "Ooh, big grey time."

I swear English is not my second language.

Not in this lifetime, anyway.

I hope that the sun returns tomorrow. Well, no, really, I hope that the clouds depart.

This winter is already feeling too long. I need less big grey time.


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