Thursday, January 10, 2013

It Is Not The Best Of Wines, It Is Not The Worst Of Wines ...

It all comes of not being enough of a lush, I suppose.

I would buy a bottle of wine. I would open a bottle of wine. I would drink a glass or two from a bottle of wine. And then I wouldn't want any more.

So I'd add a stopper and pump-pump-pump out a bit of air and then, invariably, several days later, I'd remove the stopper and pour the wine down the drain.


So yesterday, at a store, when I thought, "Ooh! Wine!", I then remembered my regrettable record with it.

So today, at a store, when I thought, "Ooh! Wine!", I headed right for the end of the aisle ... where the boxes reside.

I've had boxed wine before, from Trader Joe's. It was perfectly drinkable for what it was: I-want-a-glass-of-wine-tonight wine, not I'm-having-a-lovely-dinner-party wine.

As I was not in a Trader Joe's at the moment today, I was not looking at Trader Joe's wine. But I'd heard someone somewhere say something good about Black Box wines, so I thought "Why not?"

So I bought it and brought it home and set it on the counter and went about my day until a respectable wine-drinking hour arrived, which was about an hour ago, and I dispensed a glass of wine and took a sip and do you know what?

It's perfectly drinkable I-want-a-glass-of-wine-tonight wine.

As Cabernets go, no, it's not the biggest red I've ever had. But it's tasty and sippable and if I get a few more glasses out of the box, I'll be money ahead compared to the wine I would have otherwise poured down the drain.

Three cheers for the alleviation of wine-wasting guilt!

Also, I love the little "juice box" size, which would be right handy for a picnic.


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