Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Highlighter Perch ...

Once upon a time, back when computers had to be controlled with mouses and keys, I sometimes reviewed software. Fun software, educational software, often software for kids. One of the vendors had produced a game that featured cute farm characters and at a trade show, they offered said cute farm characters as the booth's takeaway. We were allowed to take one. Just one. They were very clear.

I, of course, chose a rooster. And back at the office, I stuck him on top of a highlighter, because he fit perfectly and because I could keep him in my pencil mug that way, instead of cluttering up my desk.

I don't have much call in life for a highlighter these days, so he's been perched, ever since, on that same highlighter, corralled among my letter opener and assorted pencils and too many pens.

Until today. When I grabbed him to highlight some sentences in a book. And looked at him and thought, "You're today's picture."

It's nice to see him again. I like having animals on the ends of writing implements. I have a camel on the cap of a black pen in my car. Why else do you think little plastic animals have holes in them?


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