Monday, January 21, 2013

Chocolate Snickerdoodles ...

I was skeptical of this recipe when I ran across it yesterday. I'm a bit of a snickerdoodle purist, yet I like the combination of cinnamon and chocolate. So today, I made half a batch. And I made them on the small side. And I must report that they are delightful. They contain just a hint of cinnamon and they'll be a pleasure to dunk into a glass of milk. Give 'em a try.

Update: When I reported, above, that these are delightful, I was referring to the flavor. That they needed to be dunked into a glass of milk was because they were dry. And I recently figured out why: The recipe, as written in the original book, calls for 8 large cookies, not many little ones. But the baking time is the same in the book and in the post, despite the size of the cookies changing. Clearly, if you make smaller cookies, you need to bake them for less time. Ultimately, I adapted my own snickerdoodle recipe to incorporate cocoa. They were better, but still not great. At the end of the day, let snickerdoodles be snickerdoodles and get your chocolate fix another way.


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