Thursday, November 29, 2012

(Self) Promoted: Proofreader Seeks Additional Clients ...

This is the second in a series of posts promoting my professional services. The first post – Editor – is here.

There are many answers to the question, "So, Beth, what do you do?"

One of those answers is, "I'm a proofreader."

We word types proofread everything we see: Billboards. Menus. Ads on TV. Tweets. Facebook status updates.

And sometimes, we even proofread professionally.

Demonstrating my proofreading prowess is tricky in a post. I suppose I could offer up an image of a page of copy awash in proofreading marks, but I'll let a couple of my LinkedIn recommendations speak for me instead:

“In 12 years of working in advertising and hiring many, many editors, the only constant has been how difficult it is to find one who not only knows their stuff, but can fit in quickly with a new team and learn about a complex product really fast. Beth is this rare creature, and I recommend her enthusiastically. Beth was recommended to me by a trusted colleague when I was looking for a freelance editor to help our agency with a grueling and complex several-week promotional print project. She worked so well with our team (and, almost more importantly, on her own) and proved so essential to us meeting deadlines, that she quickly became our go-to hire for all of our big editing jobs. Beth does not just fill a position, she adds value to the projects she works on and usually manages to make them way more fun at the same time.”

“Two years ago we were looking for a person to review and proof our membership directory. Beth was recommended by a colleague - and she was perfect for the job. Since our membership is made up of the business leaders in Chicago, Beth understood the importance of perfection and she delivered. Not only was she thorough, but she added valuable suggestions to our process. Beth is now our go-to person when we need to have major documents proofed or edited. I would highly recommend Beth for any task - she is personable, organized, professional and just a delight to work with.”

My principal (not principle) responsibility for these two clients is to proofread materials, but editing invariably creeps in on projects. Sometimes, that is welcome. Sometimes, that is not. But I point out questions to clients, just in case. Better to speak up and have someone say, "You don't need to worry about that. It's been blessed by legal" than to let something slip through that was unintended.

Proofreaders provide the final bit of polish to your work. It's always valuable to have a fresh set of eyes look at a deliverable before it goes to press or to a client.

Do you have a project that's at the needs-proofreading stage? Or do you know someone who does?

Please do leave a comment or contact me through my web site or share this post on Twitter.

By the way, if your project's budget doesn't allow for hiring a proofreader, you can often catch mistakes in your work by reading the copy out loud. Give it a try.


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