Monday, November 05, 2012

See Mitt Run ...

Oh, this election.

Oh, my brain.

I have finally managed to not take the bait when conservatives post information that is entirely untethered from reality. I have finally learned that their view of Obama is impervious to facts. This video that's gone viral proves my point. Voters in Ohio were asked why they're voting for Romney. Their "answers" will make any sane voter cringe.

I understand that a lot of people – a lot of people – are voting against Obama. Their reasons may be misinformed. Or they might just hate the man. Or both. But they're going to cast their votes against him. I understand that. Empirically.

What I do not understand, however, is how people can vote for Romney. I've challenged some to articulate why they're voting for Mitt. Not why they're voting against Obama but why they're voting for Mitt.

Most of what I received in response was straight from the propaganda machine that is FOX News. Damn near verbatim. Roger Ailes has done a heckuva job.

But how can you know what you're voting for, I asked. Mitt has changed his positions on everything. Multiple times. Sometimes within the same day.

The response? "Well, at least he's not Obama."

So, the pervading "logic" from those on the right – though my sample has been very small, I'll admit – is that it doesn't matter if Moderate Mitt wins or if Severely Conservative Mitt wins just so long as Mitt wins.

Well, that's scary. And stupid, frankly.

I read a piece this morning, an interview with a billionaire philanthropist, a woman, who is socially liberal but who is going to vote for Romney. On the subject of a woman's right to choose, she said: "I’m making a bet that the law of the land, Roe v. Wade, will not be changed."

That's one hell of a bet, lady.

On Paul Ryan, she said; "But what I am most comfortable with is his intellect and understanding of the budget."

Yes, Paul Ryan has an understanding of the budget. So long as numbers don't matter.

But like I said, some people are impervious to facts.

I can't say that I was feeling despondent about it all, because I know that President Obama is going to win. But I was feeling confused, that's for sure. Baffled. Fazed.

How can they vote for a man who has lied throughout his entire campaign? How can they vote for a man who refuses to release his tax returns? How can they vote for a man who not only lacks foreign-policy expertise but who seems entirely disinclined to even care? How can they vote for a man who chose for his running mate the man who wants to end Medicare as we know it? How can they vote for a man who ... well, you get the idea.

Truly, I do not see Romney as a man who wants to be president. I see Romney as man who feels he deserves to be president. I see his pursuit of the presidency as the mother of all ego trips. I do not believe that he wants to be bothered with actual governing. He just wants a coronation.

And then I read this.

Ezra Klein wrote an amazing post about why Mitt Romney wants to be president.

And for the first time in this entire election, I felt a little better.

Because I understood Mitt as a person a little better.

Mind you, Ezra's piece did not make me fundamentally change my mind about Mitt. I still think he's a heinous liar. On a visceral level, I still find him repugnant.

But the logical part of my brain was slightly soothed.

And I wondered why I'd never thought to look up either of the candidates' Myers-Briggs personality types.

So I did.

And found that Michael Melcher had had the same idea and drafted this story.

Romney's an ENTJ. Obama's an ENFJ. The T versus the F makes a whole lot of difference. (I, in case you were wondering, am an INFJ, an introvert to the president's extrovert, but otherwise very much aligned.)

Romney's T accounts for his lack of warmth. Writes Melcher: "When Romney tries to turn on the charm, it comes off as flat and insincere. It's not because Romney is insincere, but because it's not his natural instinct to show he feels someone's pain, seek harmony, or modulate his message to different audiences. His natural instinct is to be logical, fact-based and precise."

Which explains the ongoing joke that Mitt is actually a very sophisticated robot.

And why I've yet to see a picture of Mitt with a baby who's not crying. Seriously, babies to not like that guy. Whereas kids flock to Obama.

But this image from Wednesday clearly illustrates the F in Obama's ENFJ:

It is as sincere an image from Sandy as I've seen. And I've seen a lot of images. This is a man who clearly cares.

There are many, many, many reasons that I will be honored to vote for him again tomorrow.

But at the core of all of the reasons is simply that he cares.

About America.

Whereas Mitt really only cares about himself.

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