Sunday, November 18, 2012

James Bond Needs No Guidance ...

I saw "Skyfall" on an Imax screen.

If one is going to watch signature Bond chases, explosions, seductions, and stunts, one may as well watch it on as big a screen as possible.

And so it was a few days ago.

And it was great. As great as everyone is saying it is. You should go see it. I might go see it again.

Because 1) Daniel Craig. Hello, handsome. But even more so because 2) I felt such a sense of possibility.

It doesn't happen with ever film I go to see, the feeling. But sometimes, when I'm in a darkened theater and my face is lit by the screen and the sound is almost unpleasantly loud and I'm immersed in the story, I suddenly find myself thinking about just how much is possible in my life.

It's not tied to the action on the screen. It's not a sense of kinship with anything anyone is doing in character.

It's just a sudden awareness of the energy around me.

Which perhaps makes no sense to anyone else.

But it's there. And it lingers, for a little while, after I leave the theater.

But it doesn't persist. Unless I think about it, as I am now.

Perhaps I need to go to more movies to have it administered more regularly.

And perhaps I should revisit that screenplay after all.

My take on the story has evolved. I might just have a way to write it now, with the benefit of distance.

Age is useful that way.


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