Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting More Than You Give, Part III ...

I've written about Kiva before, here and here but I haven't written about Kiva lately so today's the day.

In my email this morning was a note from Kiva, letting me know that I had $25.83 in my account, money that had been repaid from previous loans that was now available for me to cash out or loan again.

I always loan it again.

I went to the site to look for someone whose request was near to being fully funded, reloaned my $25 credit, and returned later to see if her loan had been fully funded, and it has been!

I looked at my portfolio distribution by country and was pleased to see that I've made loans to women in eight countries. I don't look for lendees from any specific country but I like that my loans have been dispersed geographically.

If you're pondering what to give the person in your life who has everything this holiday season, I heartily recommend giving them the gift of Kiva. It's truly gratifying to make a small gesture that can have a big impact on someone in another part of the world.



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