Friday, November 23, 2012

Changing Fortunes ...

It was getting on toward dinnertime on Wednesday when my brain decided that I should head to the store to pick up something for dinner.

And then I remembered what day it was.

The evening before Thanksgiving? No, I decided, the grocery store was not the best place to be.

Chinese instead.

So I phoned in my order and went to pick it up (it's quicker that way) and came home and inhaled a small mountain of pork fried rice and then cracked into my fortune cookie.

"There is a prospect of a thrilling time ahead for you."

A prospect?

My fortune was hedging?

It's a fortune, people. Go all in, fortune writers. Your credibility is not on the line.

And my "Learn Chinese" word?


Mandarin fluency, I'm on my way!

The next morning, I had leftovers for breakfast and cracked into Cookie No. 2.

"Someone who deserves special attention awaits your magic voice."

Um, hi?

That's a little Cinemax After Dark for a fortune, isn't it?

Maybe there's a gig with a 1-900 line in my future.

The fortune writers are getting a little randy.

Oh, and my "Learn Chinese" word?


Confucius would be proud.


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