Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This Is Not A Blog Post. This Is A Study ...

Wow. That was easy.

I'm very grateful to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for enlightening me.

For years now, I've been writing blog posts.

I didn't realize that I could have been writing studies.

But look! My first-ever study! It was as easy as typing the word.


Ta da!

In this study, I offer absolutely incontrovertible proof that the Romney-Ryan ticket is a disaster for this country.

Geez, this study-writin' business is freakin' sweet!

All I have to do is write whatever I want and then anyone, anywhere, at any time, can cite it and – PRESTO! – everyone has to take it as gospel.

Of course, the Romney-Ryan ticket really is a disaster for this country but there's no need for me to provide specifics.

Romney-Ryan feel no need to provide specifics about, well, anything and they're running for the presidency and vice presidency, for Pete's sake.

(As Mitt Romney already knows, it's good to add a "for Pete's sake" to a statement every so often. It helps the utterer seem folksy and we all know that folksy is good for the country. George W. Bush was folksy and he didn't do anything wrong, right?)

So, consider this yet another contribution to Obama's re-election effort.

Cite away, all you needers of studies to cite!

You are so welcome.

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