Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Thrill Of The Hunt ...

I get an outsize thrill from finding something cool that costs next to nothing.

In this dollar-store world we live in, it's easy to buy a lot of stuff for cheap.

But finding something beautiful that's been deemed unwanted and cast off to a thrift-store shelf?

That's what I'm talking about.

Yesterday, I was schmying about and found this little guy. He's about the size of Champagne glass but much heftier. He could be a stand for a pillar candle. Or he could be an interesting vessel for a dipping sauce on a tray of crudite. Or he could be a ring holder on dresser. Or he could be a place to stash paper clips in an office. Or he could contain air-freshener crystals in a room in need of some scent.

Who knows, really. He could be useful and beautiful in a lot of ways.

And he came home with me yesterday for the princely sum of 40 cents.

He won't stay with me, though. He is destined for greater things, a life more glamourous than a thrift-store shelf.

And I shall continue my hunt for frugal finds.


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