Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Good Idea That's Not, Really ...

I get into these moods to poke around. Schmy, Doreen would say. These moods are enhanced when I remember that it's 50%-off day at Goodwill.

It's not that I need any more stuff. I surely don't. It's the hunt. But only for objects. Maybe books. Never clothes.

This is not a knock on those who shop Goodwill for clothes. I hate shopping for clothes anywhere. At a TJ Maxx or some such, I note all the women scouring the racks and racks of clothing and I head right for the housewares.

But yesterday, I was at Goodwill. Predictably, as it was 50%-off day, the parking lot was packed. And Goodwill could really do with those cute little handle baskets like at the grocery store because a thrift store on 50%-off day is no place for a cart.

The shelves are crammed with glasses and dishes and tchotchkes and crap, with no rhyme or reason. I sometimes sort things into some sort of order as I go. If I see glasses that match, I group them. It just makes sense. I like things to make sense. You may have noticed.

I make several passes up and down the aisle, looking at one side and then the other. Invariably, I see something on pass two or three that I didn't see the first time around.

And so it was yesterday. I'm always looking for glasses first, so my brain doesn't really register anything else. But on successive passes, I'm more open to other finds.

Such as this number. I fell in love with his color and shape.

And then, stowed away in the non-glassware aisle, was this little guy.

I like using little glasses as votive holders. Especially reeded glass (or does this count as ribbed?) because it throws off interesting patterns from the flickering flames inside.

I have, however, nearly reached the point where I can no longer justify buying any more glasses-cum-votive holders, even on 50%-off day, even when they only cost me 13 cents.

But it's fun to go and look.

So yesterday, my brain said, "Open an Etsy shop!"

Huh. I'd never thought of that before. Yeah, maybe.

I came home and dialed up Etsy. (Dialed? What, like I have a rotary laptop?) And I clicked on "Vintage." "2,598,487 items in Vintage." I narrowed down the search in "Vintage" for "pottery": 40,120.

Yeah, nix the Etsy idea. (Happily, I have a Plan B.)

I went to a second Goodwill store not too far away and once again bypassed all the racks of clothes in favor of the housewares and I turned down an aisle and I must say, I was a bit chagrined. Everything was so organized: all the vases together, all the stemware together, all the plates together. Well, where's the fun in that?!

Yes, I group like glasses together from time to time at my local Goodwill but that's more of a service to fellow shoppers and Goodwill, too. Perhaps someone'll be more inclined to buy a set of something than just a one-off. But who wants things organized to the point of feeling like they're in Target? Not me.

I didn't buy anything at the second Goodwill. I contented myself with the day's two little finds.

My little pottery friend, by the way? He cost a dollar. Don't you just love 50%-off day?


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