Thursday, October 18, 2012

Telling Moments ...

The latest issue of O features interviews with both the President and First Lady and Governor and Ann Romney.

The thing I noted about the interview with the the President and First Lady is just how real they are as people. The President gives Michelle a lot of credit for what's gone right in his life, they laugh easily. I can relate to them. Perhaps because I've gotten to know them through the press for four years. Perhaps it's Midwest realism, since they call Chicago their home. In any event, it was an enjoyable read but it contained nothing truly remarkable.

And then I read the interview with Mitt and Ann. In my view, Mitt is anything but polished when talking with the media. He comes off as uncomfortable, even having spent a fair amount of time in public life and campaigning, but what struck me were a couple of Ann's exchanges with Oprah. Obviously, Ann is less accustomed to speaking to the press, but if I were her press person, I would have cringed when I heard her say these things:

Oprah: [To Ann Romney] So when's the last time you saw him? Other than on TV.

Ann Romney: I don't watch TV anymore.

O: You don't?

AR: I can't. I just can't deal with it, if I'm going to have the calmness and peace that I need to have.

O: Yes. Because calmness and peace is the whole reason you're here on this lake [gestures to the view]. You can't enjoy it if you're gonna let the TV in.

AR: I can't let the TV in. It's just too much noise.

I appreciate that part of Ann's coping with MS requires her to have as little stress as possible, but if she can't handle the tone of the campaign, how could she ever expect to handle being First Lady if Mitt were to win, if they were in the spotlight every day for the next four – possibly more – years?

Oprah goes on to ask about the kids and grandkids, about kids and pushing buttons. Especially boys.

O: And you kept having boys. Did you ever think, Gosh, it would be nice to have a girl?

AR: Well, it was in those days when you never knew what you were having, and so each time I'm like, You're kidding. No, you're kidding. By the fifth time, I was like, I'm finished! This isn't changing, this isn't going to get any better. And it's so funny that Craig, who was my fifth, was the most delightful, the most easygoing, the most wonderful child, and I was so disappointed that he was a boy. But you get over it.

"This isn't going to get any better"? "I was so disappointed that he was a boy"? But she got over it?

Who says those things about their children? To anyone, let alone a reporter, let alone a reporter who, in this instance, is Oprah?

Will her admissions come as news to Craig? Or has she been telling him all along that she was disappointed when he was born?



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