Tuesday, October 02, 2012

So, my brain said, "I want tropical punch!"

And I had a packet in the cabinet, so I grabbed it and the canister of sugar and then the pitcher and the Brita from the fridge. (Yes, I keep my empty pitcher in the fridge. There's room and it makes sense.)

(I buy Wyler's, in case anyone is wondering, not Kool-Aid, because that's what we drank when I was a kid. Which I kind of still am.)

And I stirred up a pitcherful of tropical punch and thought, "What am I, 8?"

Yeah, pretty much.

So I figured I may as well go all in on my "What am I, 8?"-ness and use a silly straw.

So I did.

Consider it one of the last hurrahs of summer, with its watermelon hues.


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