Monday, October 15, 2012

Really, Jayson? Really? Part IV ...

It's been more than a year since I posted an installment of Really, Jayson? Really?, but I spied some items this morning that inspired me to post.

Let's start with an apron. Yes, it's French. Yes, it's "vintage." ("20th century," which could be 1999, eh?) Why, though, is it $150?

Vintage French Apron - $150

Next, an antique leather doctor bag. I like doctor bags. I think they're cool. I do not, however, think they're cool enough as to warrant a mortgage payment.

Antique Leather Doctor Bag - $895

Next, a very spiffy – if not a little creepy – vintage dog house. But if you love your dog enough to spend this kind of money on a dog house, you probably love your dog enough to let it sleep inside.

Vintage Dog House - $2,495

Next, a "vintage trunk." I have a "vintage trunk" in my living room. I use it as a coffee table. I bought it at an antique store somewhere in Indiana. It cost me $40, which, admittedly, was a deal. Others I'd seen that weekend were around $200. Still, at that price, you could buy 20 trunks for the cost of one of Jayson's.

Vintage Trunk, $3,995

And finally, if you happen to be in the market for an antique carved wood pig, Jayson's got you covered. And if you're longing for a pair of antique carved wood pigs – and, really, who isn't? – Jayson's got you covered, times two. And for less than $5,600, how can you resist?

Antique Carved Wood Pig, $2,795 each / Two available, so that'd be $5,590 for the pair


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