Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Her Say ...

This is a serious post.

Sometimes, on this blog, I am silly. Sometimes, I am given to snark.

But this is a serious post.

Just in case there was any doubt about my tone.

This morning, on Twitter, I retweeted a tweet – from a man – that read: "save your war on women crap for the bimbos"

Of course, any jerk who is prone to tweeting such things will respond to a retweet. He will be hell bent on getting the last word.

This morning, I was up for a bit of a fight.

"Point made," I had commented when I posted the retweet.

"the point was made, only women who fall for this war on women crap are bimbos :)" came his reply.

Another tweeter jumped in and brought up rape as a political issue.

I replied: "Fascinating. Almost always men discussing what is/not rape and calling the 'war on women' fake."

The original tweeter replied: "the war on women is fake, just liberals fearmongering for bimbo votes :)" Again with the smiley face.

My response: "You can tell me the war on women is fake when you get a vagina."

His: "i laugh everytime i hear 'war on women', the dumbest political thing dems have come up with"

Mine: "Check in with me on Nov. 7th and let me know how hard you're laughing when women re-elect Obama."

His: "i wouldn't call all male democrats women, most all but not all"

I did indeed let him have the last word. There is no point in perpetuating the absurdity.

You'll note his assertion that men who vote Dem are essentially women.

So women are bimbos and liberal males deserve emasculation.

Such is a portion of the Twitterverse, and as goes the Twitterverse, so goes the world.

But as I wrote, I find it fascinating that it's almost always men discussing what is and is not rape and calling the "war on women" fake.

If you're a certain kind of man, it must be pretty easy to convince yourself of that.

If you're a certain kind of man, it must be a necessary bit of self-preservation to tell yourself that men still rule the roost, that men can do whatever the hell they want, with impunity, and anyone who dares object is just a bimbo.

I wonder if women who vote Republican are exempt?

But then, if you're a certain kind of man, I presume that you believe that if a woman is smart enough to vote Republican, she must also know her place.

Arguing with a certain kind of man is fruitless. The scales will never fall from his eyes. A certain kind of man needs to go through life willfully blind.

But yes, there is a war on women. And no, we do not expect men, even enlightened men, to fully understand.

They have never been where we are. They have always been, in the eyes of their gender, "better" than women.

But here we are, women, fighting battles once again that we thought were won 50 years ago.

Here we are, protesting government-mandated transvaginal ultrasounds.

Here we are, listening to lawmakers – men, always men – discussing categories of rape.

Here we are, wondering why we still earn 76 cents for every dollar earned by a man and why we have to sue for the right to pay equality.

Here we are, in so many ways.

And if we speak up, we are labeled sluts or prostitutes or bimbos or whores.

By men who insist that there is no war on women.

We've come a long way, baby, but there's still a long, long way to go.

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