Monday, October 22, 2012

Congratulations! It's A Book! ...

I'm always pleased to find an unexpected package in my mailbox. Today was one of those days.

Earlier this year, my friend Steve introduced me to his friend Rich. Rich was writing a book and looking for an editor. We talked, we got the sense that we'd like working together, and a little collaboration was born.

Fast forward to today and I now hold in my hands Rich's first book, Building Value: The 5 Keys for Achieving Success.

I could not be more proud of him. There are many people on this planet who want to write a book (I'm raising my hand) or who hope to write a book or who think they can write a book.

Then there are the people who actually put pen to paper or hands to keyboard – and sometimes head to desk, I expect – and in the end, after the writing and rewriting and editing and tweaking and formatting and publishing, there it is, in the world. I find that admirable and amazing.

Anyone who knows me knows that a businessperon I am not, but for those who are, I heartily endorse Rich's book. I can see how folks can get so caught up in the day-to-day activities of running their business that they don't make the time to think through what they want to achieve, long term, in a systematic way. Rich'll help you jumpstart that thinking.

It's written in a very conversational tone and, at just shy of 120 pages, it's a quick read, whether you read it through on a weekend afternoon or take in a chapter each day on the way to work, presuming you're on a bus or train. (It's not available as an audiobook. Not yet, anyway.)

It is, however, available in both paperback and Kindle versions from Amazon and in a variety of other formats from Smashwords, too.


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