Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sheesh. Busy ...

Today feels like it should be Thursday, at least, for as busy as the first part of this week has been.

But no. Tuesday night, only. It's only Tuesday night.

Yesterday was devoted to cutting the grass. No, it shouldn't take a whole day, and it didn't, technically, but when one hasn't cut one's grass in ahemsixweeksahem and when one has a punk-ass tree in one's parkway that leafs out in May and starts dropping leaves in July and one has not only a shag carpet of grass to tame but also a solid blanket of crunchy leaves very similar in color and texture to grocery bags, well, one's mower might have been slightly on the verge of overheating.

Still wearing my gas-scented clothes, I made the trek to Portillo's to pick up a chopped salad for dinner, once I'd showered. And once I'd showered, oh man, yeah, it was kind of hard to move. My muscles aren't used to a day of yard work.

Salad was good, though.

And this morning, I was up and at 'em and began to jot down all the to-dos that were running through my head as I was mowing yesterday, all those things that you think of to do but never write down and then you remember them, individually, here and there, weeks later and say to yourself, "Oh, crap! I meant to do that!"

Well, now I have that crap contained in a list.

And even did a couple of them today. Well, the first parts, anyway. Plans first, execution later.

And then I spent the balance of the daylight hours parked in front of a computer, doing a second read/edit/formatting pass on a manuscript which I have since sent back to the author.

I may be a bit of a wordsmithing rockstar. There may be a glowing LinkedIn recommendation coming my way.

Just sayin'.

Ooh, I think I shall give myself a trophy. Yes, I think I shall.

(It's the little loving cup I bought the other day at Goodwill. He's since gotten a bit of a polish.)

And happily, fall is making its presence known this evening, as it is damn near chilly inside my house. And tonight's low might dip to 40! Hel-lo, fall!

And tomorrow is only Wednesday.

I suspect it will be busy.


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