Friday, September 07, 2012

Give More ...

I'm thinking about Bruce Springsteen.

Which isn't a rare occurrence. I love Bruce. I love his music. I love his integrity. I love his humanity.

Bruce will be in town for two shows at Wrigley tonight and tomorrow. In Chicago, the Greater Chicago Food Depository is the organization Bruce supports. He mentions them during every show. Afterward, GCFD folks mill about to collect contributions as people make their way out of the venue.

The containers are clear. So you can see the contents. To encourage you to add to them. I always drop in a $20. I figure, I just spent $100 to see Bruce and the band, so the least I can do is help a few folks to have a few meals.

But most of the bills in those containers? Singles. Measly dollars.

And it drives me freakin' nuts.

Granted, giving $1 is better than giving nothing, but hey, people who just spent $50 on a Bruce-branded sweatshirt or $10 on a Bruce-branded plastic keychain or, hell, $10 on an overpriced beer, how about ponying up more than a buck so that someone might know where their next meal is coming from?

I'm not catching Bruce on this swing through Chicago. So if you'll be at Wrigley, do me a favor: When you see a GCFD person wandering around with a container after the show, drop a $20 in for me. Or for yourself.


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