Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finds ...

I do not brake for garage sales.

I know some folks can't help but pull over every time they see a driveway full of household detritus but I can keep on driving. I really don't need any more stuff.

But mom wanted to stop by the Boy Scouts' "garage sale" today so I went along. For the walk.

I didn't take any money with me. I had no intention of buying anything. I don't like the Scouts' anti-gay stance, though it is nice to support kids locally.

I spied some shield-back chairs that might have been awesome if they were sprayed and reupholstered. But I don't need chairs. And someone was already hovering near them. A good find, I admit.

And then a lamp base caught my eye. We asked a Scout guy its price. "I dunno. Five dollars?" He said the people at the cash table had a list.

So I stepped up to the cash table and the kid said, "I dunno. Two dollars?"

Mom asked, "How much did he say?" And I said, "He said two but I think we should give him five. It's for a good cause."

So she handed him a five.

It's a really cool base. Interesting profile. Brassy, but not shiny brass.

It'll look good with a black drum shade or some such.

I toted him home and wiped him down a little and plugged him in to see if he even worked. I could get him rewired if I had to. But nope, his cord and stuff look fine. And he works.

He needs a new harp and finial. His are rusty and gross.

But I love the profile of the base. And he's heavy, cast alloy something or other. Now I need to find a shade that doesn't cost eleventymillion dollars.

I thought about priming and painting him black but this finish is kind of growing on me, metallic without being too metallic-y. Would you like to see him?

And with that purchase, I was bitten by the browsing bug. He needs a shade, after all, so mom and I hit a few stores and came up empty-handed. I resolved to look online but really, buying a lamp shade is an in-person kind of task. Even following the "rules" of what size shade goes with what size base, at the end of the day, I want to plop a shade on it, stand back, and decide.

Later, I headed to Goodwill. I'm always poking around Goodwill, as you know, looking for props for cookie shoots. But I also keep an eye out for a particular drinking glass that mom collects. They're surprisingly hard to come by but that's the great thing about Goodwill: You never know when one will turn up.

I made my way down the glassware-and-dishes aisle slowly, scanning each shelf. Invariably, I start grouping like items together. I can't help myself. Nope, no mom glasses. I ventured into the next aisle for a quick scan.

And I spied this little guy:

Two dollars? On half-off day? Yes, please. Normally, I like tarnish on silver pieces but his tarnish is a bit splotchy and extreme. (You're not seeing the worst of him in this shot.) I started to polish him, just to see how much effort he'll take.

He'll take a lot of effort. But then he'll be shiny and then I can let him tarnish more evenly.

Making my way back into the glassware aisle for one final pass – I never see everything the first time through – I spied three blue glasses, very similar in hue to the compote I bought recently.

I always press the tops of glasses against my palm and turn them, the glasses, that is, not my palms, to feel for chips. One of the glasses had a flaw so I left him behind and nabbed just two. Normally, I prefer odd numbers, but I'll find other friends to keep these company. They're an interesting shape. They taper slightly from bottom to top. They'll make pretty votive holders, especially around the holidays, intermingled with mercury glass.

Further down the aisle, I spied an amethyst-colored ... glass? Vase? Didn't care. I liked the color and the shape. And on half-off day, he was going to set me back a quarter. So I nabbed him, too.

And my grand total, for two blue glasses, the amethyst glass, and the little loving cup?


So, on the day, a whole lot of loveliness for six dollars and eighty-seven cents.


Blogger angelo said...

GREAT Finds. Love them all.

1:04 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Thanks, me, too! You gotta love those days when you're not expecting to find anything and you find stuff!

7:40 AM  

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