Saturday, September 01, 2012

And What I Did With Part Of My Saturday ...

Well, as I pondered in my previous post, I did indeed need to return to Resale Shop No. 1 today to buy the little brass cart.

He's not old, turns out. I hadn't really looked closely at him yesterday but I was taken with his handles, and his handles look worn. From wear, most likely. (My deductive-reasoning skills are finely honed.)

But he was $15. And he looks just right in the space. (I set a few bottles on him for a quick photo op but he'll be better dressed once he's clean.)

He could use "new" old casters or maybe he doesn't need wheels. (Right now, Angelo is shaking his head "No," as in "No, Beth, he needs wheels. Everything needs wheels.")

He might get a coat of primer and then a coat of a burnished-brass spray paint. I don't quite know.

But for $15, I couldn't leave him at the store.

Meanwhile, doesn't he look so good with Angelo's chairs?! And the piece of furniture nearest to him has brass hardware on it, so he ties right in.

So much for telling myself that I needed fewer things, not more.

But seriously, FIFTEEN DOLLARS. And the arc of those handles. How could I not?!


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