Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wayward Pennies ...

I was sifting through my jar of change, pulling out pennies for a project.

It is a special project which I may or may not disclose at a later date, but I decided that the pennies I chose for it had to be the prettiest pennies, not all shiny, necessarily, but penny-like, like you hope to find on a walk.

So I set aside the not-so-pretty pennies.

Of course, they are much more interesting than the pennies in the pretty-penny pile.

These pennies have been around. These pennies have patina – some literally. Some of them have scars. At least one of them has on it what appears to be dried blood.

Pennies are a lot like people. Some are older, some are newer. Some look older than they should for their age and some have aged well. But the ones that differ capture my interest.

I didn't take a picture of the pretty pennies.

You've seen those before.


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