Tuesday, August 07, 2012

There Is An Astonishing Amount Of Good In The World ...

There is so much sadness.

Every day, the news. The whiplash of it all. Aurora then Oak Creek. Senseless killings far away and closer to home. Every Monday brings with it a new report of a weekend of too many murdered and hurt. Climate change and wildfires and droughts and, conversely, storms and damage from them all.

And, every day, somewhere, life-changing illness.

My friend Patti posted the news the other day: "John has cancer."

Such a simple sentence. Such a seismic shift.

And they do not have insurance. They make their own way in the world. They do not work for anyone but themselves. They have one daughter in college. They have another daughter on a very different journey. They are extraordinarily fine people, full of kindness and thoughtfulness and love.

Patti has created a vast circle of virtual family with her work. She touches thousands of lives every day. And since the news has been told, her online family has flocked to their side and the kindness I have seen offered back to them has brought me to tears.

There is an astonishing amount of good in the world.

It may be harder to see as individual acts, but it is there, everywhere.

That is easy to forget but vital to remember.

I will try to be more mindful and do more good every day.


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