Saturday, August 11, 2012

Right Footed ...

I have a thing for footed dishes.

I don't know why. They're just more charming, more interesting than their more-terrestrial friends.

Of course, I don't need footed dishes (well, you know, not any more than I already own), but one day, I saw these and I flipped!

They're little trifle bowls! Aren't they cute?!

Of course they're cute! They're footed!

Regularly $2.95, on sale for $2.50. A measly $2.50. I spend more on a latte.

Of course, I wouldn't buy just one. Not that I'm buying any. But $2.50! Such a deal.

Until you consider these:

They're not little trifle bowls. They're barware, I presume. I can see a small, overpriced mixed drink in one of those, can't you? Maybe with a maraschino cherry impaled on a little plastic sword?

I pick these up at Goodwill from time to time, when I see them. I like to serve a bit of gelato out of them, perched on a plate, with a side of biscotti. The stems on these aren't all the same thickness (I have two that are thickish and two that are thin) but I don't care.

Most glasses at Goodwill, unless otherwise marked, are 25 cents.

I popped by today and found one of the friends you see above, a mate for the other thinner-stemmed one that I already owned.

And today was 50%-Off Day.

So he set me back 13 cents.


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