Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Really Rather Brief Movie Reviews ...

My love affair with Redbox continues. Really, we might be seeing too much of each other. We might need to take a little time apart. But you know how it is when you meet someone new. It's a heady time.

Crazy Stupid Love
Hey, girl, you know, Ryan Gosling's in this movie, which is about as much as many women would need to know. (I never did join the Ryan Gosling party, but he does have very nice eyes. Yes, I know that that's not what he's known for.) The writing is really good and Julianne Moore can do no wrong and poor Steve Carell's character. Love is indeed often crazy and stupid but it's often worth it in the end.

I am not so much the sports-movie viewer but I was interested since the first time I saw the trailer and I would watch Philip Seymour Hoffman order a taco let alone transform himself into yet another character he's never played before. P.S. Brad Pitt, honey? You're aging well.

The Muppets
I have long loved Miss Piggy. She was, hands down, my Muppet of choice. But I love all of them. And Chris Cooper? Hell, who doesn't love Chris Cooper? So I was pleased to settle in on the couch the other night with Chinese food and my childhood friends. My hat's off to the person who pulled together the soundtrack. Nicely done! But it wasn't until Kermit performed "Rainbow Connection" that I remembered everyone saying they cried when they saw the movie, which made total sense to me as I found myself spontaneously sobbing even as I was saying, "What is wrong with me?!" Ah, memories. They're powerful, mysterious things.

Hey, girl, you know Ryan Gosling's in this movie, too, which is crazy dark and which I had no idea about until I saw a trailer the other night. Amazing cast with Bryan Cranston and Albert Brooks and a small but explosive role for Christina Hendricks. Compelling. Not a rainstorm or a notebook in sight.


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