Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Posts For The Purposes Of Pinterest ...

The thing about Pinterest is that you have to pin from somewhere digital, somewhere on the web. So today, I leafed through my design file – and by "file," I mean "a couple thousand pages jammed into a manila folder that is too full to actually contain said pages in a meaningful way and so the folder, in turn, is stuffed into a banker's box/magazine file" (but hey, it has the word "file" in it!) – and was amused to note what used to grab my eye. Ah, yes, my tastes have evolved. I have long since broken free of the Shabby Chic spell. I'm still fond of florals but now I know my limits. Hey man, I can quit any time I want.

Anyway, the point is, this post is part post and part Pinterest repository, a glimpse into Beth's style. Yessiree.

First, my "design file," to prove my point, and because it amuses me. Yep, not the tiniest bit of organization here.

I have a real affinity for white and wood, especially in kitchens, despite posting an image of a living room here. I also discovered, leafing through so many pages, that I tore out a huge number of images that contain hydrangeas. They make an appearance in magazine photos more than any other flower, apparently.

If ever there were any doubt as to my affinity for brown, this seals the deal. This image is a bit yellow due to the light that was overhead when I took it (camera settings be damned) but you get my point. Brown. Love it. Far too much.

Why do I not own this table?!

And lastly, this. I'm surprised by how much I love this room, its mostly monochromatic-ness, the velvet and chrome chair, the jolt of acid green (I know, it looks more yellow here), and, of course, the very subtle horse painting.


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