Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Editor / Writer For Hire (Bonus: Baker, Too!) ...

I am making a full-throttle return to the job hunt. (I get great mileage.) I'm looking for an engaging group of people who need an editor who can provide the final polish to their work to make it gleam. My background is predominantly in newspapers, but I've edited books, white papers, trade articles, sales collateral, you name it. I also write. And bake. And I bring what I bake to the office. Who needs more incentive to hire me than that?! I'll appreciate suggestions and leads. My network has always served me extremely well. I'm a fortunate woman indeed.

My interactive resumé is here.

My web site is here.

My LinkedIn profile is here.

And here's a shot of madeleines:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try here, for starters. I've picked up some decent magazine writing gigs through this site. They have slots for editors, proofers, etc. as well.


4:31 PM  

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