Sunday, August 26, 2012

Claim And Fortune ...

Fortunes aren't always fortunes, really.

Sometimes, they're more like pronouncements.

Then again, I guess those are the same. Fortunes are in the mind of the beholder.

Last week was long. Ping-ponging between clients, waking up every morning and needing remind myself of where it was I needed to point my car.

I was grateful to have two projects running last week, mind you. It was just a bit of a busy schedule.

So I was glad to finish up a bit early on Friday and head for home and find myself with enough energy to rent a couple of movies ("Bernie" and "Jeff Who Lives At Home," both worth your time) and come home and set up on the couch and let the week drain away while I made short work of an egg roll.

The nice guy at the Chinese joint popped three fortune cookies onto the top of my order, I was happy to note when I got home.

And the one I had grabbed randomly to crack open at the conclusion of my meal read, "You need not worry about your future." That struck me as nice. It even elicited an "Aww."

Now, you might argue that no one need worry about their future. After all, what's the point? Worrying never helped anything, right? Worrying is fear of something that may or may not come to pass and more often than not, it doesn't.

That's what I've found, anyway.

But still, as fortunes go, it was a nice one to receive on that particular night, given that my future is in a bit of flux.

Also, my Chinese word for the evening was "Long."

The next day, I nuked a plateful of leftovers for lunch and grabbed the second of the three cookies. "You will travel far and wide for both pleasure and business," it revealed to me. Chinese word? "Holiday."

Which, put together with the word from the night before, gave me "Long Holiday."

I surely hope so. A long holiday would be pleasant. To somewhere new and distant.

I hear Paris is nice.

Perhaps I can secure a macaron scholarship. I'd like to learn how to make those.

I finished the leftovers today. I don't remember what the fortune inside the third cookie read. It must not have resonated with me or else it didn't enhance the weekend's fortune-cookie narrative.

But even before I cracked into the first cookie, I knew that I need not worry about my future.

Something interesting always comes along.


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