Monday, June 18, 2012

Like A Rainbow ...

One of the things that charms me about Angelo is his inability to illustrate a point with fewer than, say, a dozen images.

He crafted a post once – I cannot find it at the moment, otherwise I'd provide a link – that he illustrated with, if memory serves, 76 images.

Seventy. Six.

Because, you know, apparently 75 wouldn't do.

I understand what it is to be a visual person, but he is a VISUAL person.

This month, though, he's corralled images by color and I have been completely smitten (and just waiting for him to post "Purple" so I could complete the set of links I'd been compiling in a draft) with the expansiveness of the colors he presents, because I really do love color but I don't think about it expansively enough. I'm Muted Color Girl – you'll know me by my olive cape – but these posts are making me ponder color in a new way. I'm not about to paint a room canary yellow, but I have been rather in love with peacock blue for quite some time but haven't yet found the right piece. I'm thinking it needs to be the dominant color in a piece of art in my living room. The quest continues.

But as I was saying, Angelo penned these posts about color, and they're so delightful, I wanted to share. So then, in the order he wrote them:


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