Tuesday, May 08, 2012

When A Fear Comes To Pass ...

My basement flooded.

Not feet of water, thankfully, but any water is too much water inside a home.

Especially if that part of the home is carpeted. And drywalled. And finished with lovely oak baseboards. And open to the main floor of the house. I can't just close a door.

We had extreme weather move through, dropping many inches of rain in the span of a few hours. Too much water, too fast. Storm drains couldn't keep up.

I have confronted this possibility before. Hoses and pumps and generators have been involved. And each time, I managed to stay ahead of the crisis.

But not this time.

The water started coming and despite the valiant assistance of my lovely neighbors, there was nothing we could do.

What fascinated me, though, was that once I had resigned myself to what was happening, I felt surprisingly OK. I had feared this happening, and now it was happening, and I was still here. I was fortunate, even. Natural disasters continue to mount. So many have lost their homes, have lost all their belongings, have lost loved ones.

In comparison, what was water?

Just a nuisance, really.

And so I wondered what it was I should do, as the rain continued. I couldn't sleep. I was too amped up on adrenaline and I was dirty, besides. I couldn't take a shower. I didn't want to add to the water issue. I couldn't do anything requiring power, as we had lost power partway through the storm.

So I changed into some dry clothes, put on my robe, covered the couch in the living room with some towels (my hair was wet from the rain), and tried to rest for a while.

I dozed on and off. For about two hours.

I had to be out of the house for most of yesterday, so one of the lovely neighbors came by to be here while the plumber did what he needed to do, and now the clean-up team is here, sucking water out of my carpet and installing industrial-strength dehumidifiers and doing their best to make things right again.

So while I hope to never have another such occurrence, I'm strangely glad to have finally dealt with something I'd hoped I'd never have to face. Because it is yet another reminder that I am capable of dealing with whatever comes my way. It is also yet another reminder that I have amazing family and friends who leap into action at a moment's notice and help me with whatever needs to be done.

Soggy basement and all, I am grateful.


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