Monday, May 14, 2012

Squirrel In Repose ...

Yesterday, I glanced out my dining-room window and saw a squirrel, sitting in the grass. Now, squirrels sit in the grass. This is nothing new. But usually, squirrels sit in the grass briefly, in between bouts of bounding about and scampering up and down trees.

But this squirrel just sat. And he appeared to have his paws folded in front of him. A squirrel in repose. I nabbed my camera and snapped a few frames, uploaded them into my computer, and then snapped some more. Over and over. I even called out to the squirrel, paparazzi style. He continued to sit. Eventually, he made a couple of leaps over to the base of a tree, but then he resumed his pose.

I decided that his name is Felix.

I hope he returns.


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