Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Always The Way ...

So, I popped over to Goodwill this afternoon, looking for props.

I have another cookie in mind, and June is almost here, and I try to not be repetitive with the props in my photographs. Goodwill is an awesome source. I never know what I'm going to find.

Today, I ended up buying three very disparate items, and none of them for the upcoming shoot, but I'm a sucker for a fluted bowl, I liked the shimmery metallic dude, and the tile? Could he be more charming?

And if you're wondering, no, there is no mark on the back of it. This will not be one of those stories. You will not see me on "Antiques Roadshow" someday – if it's still even on – saying, "I found this tile at Goodwill. It was seventy-five cents," only to have some dapper British gentleman inform me that it's Rookwood or some such and worth two thousand dollars. No, I just bought him because I like him.

Here he is hanging out with some other pottery friends. He feels more at home in this vignette.

Yes, he's a he.


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