Monday, March 19, 2012

Bonjour, Picardie! ...

When last I walked into Williams-Sonoma, my eyes instantly fell upon a shapely, wee glass. I was drawn to its weeness more so than its shape, but its shape was charming, too.

How cute, I thought, for a bit of juice in the morning.

But I didn't buy him. Because I didn't need another glass, after all, and I don't drink juice most mornings.

Today, though, as I was on my way to the store, my mind decided that I should swing by Goodwill just to see what I might find. (I like to pop in there for props for food styling.) And wouldn't you know it?

There was my glass.

Just one.

So I brought him home.

He cost me 27 cents.

You can buy him or his siblings from Williams-Sonoma here.


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