Sunday, January 08, 2012

Makes Beth Happy, January 8 ...

The Makes-Beth-Happy Word of the Day is:

As in, what comes before merge!

The Makes-Beth-Happy Recipe of the Day is:

Homemade Nutella

Mind you, I will never actually make this. For the same reason that I no longer buy the jars at the store. And that reason is because I love it so much that if I were to eat it in proportion to how much I love it, the day would come when a crew would have to remove my roof and use a crane to extract me from my house.

And the Makes-Beth-Happy Objet of the Day is:

Vierra Dinner Napkins

I love the happy colors and the black and white stripes! The end of napkin confusion and festive, to boot! A lovely addition to dining outdoors, methinks.


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