Thursday, January 05, 2012

37 Days ...

My pal Patti Digh, ever the doer, just hosted an online event – a party – for, give or take, 1,200 of her fans and friends.

It was a chance for her to unveil her web site,, but in typical Patti fashion, also to offer questions for us to ask of ourselves, and I am quiet now, not moving, chewing on this food for thought.

It will take quite some time to digest it. I relish that.

She asked all of us to bring cupcakes, because a party can hardly be called a party without cupcakes.

And so, today, I baked. Which is not unusual for me, generally, but today was special because as I frosted the cupcakes, I thought about the cupcakes I had baked in the past, and I realized that I had never baked cupcakes until today. And baking cupcakes was a nice first.

I made white frosting (as white as vanilla extract will allow frosting to be) and made it spiky, as a Patti tribute. Patti has fabulous white hair, made even more fabulous, I am happy to say, by J-D, my hair architect. And now, hers, too.

I added sprinkles, because they're important, and I held up each color candle I had on hand to help me decide, even though in my mind, I always knew that I would choose pink.

I encourage you to visit Patti's site and get to know my amazing friend. Who is excited to have a new orange desk. And a beautiful chair. And a space in which to create.

And who encourages us to do the same.


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