Monday, December 26, 2011

Bounty ...

Angelo used that word the other day. Bounty. The perfect word to describe the past few days. Week, really.

How fortunate I am.

It was not a holiday of things, though I did receive some very nice gifts. Thoughtful gifts. Meaningful gifts.

It was a holiday of people and places. Of gestures and laughter. Of food and warmth and so much love.

It was a holiday of sitting by the tree, listening to music, sipping wine, dozing off, and thinking, "This is all I want for Christmas." And then having the realization that I had it.

So much of the holidays hurries by in a flurry.

But I made sure to pause and notice the moments. I made sure to open cards next to the tree. I made sure to stand in my driveway late on Christmas Eve and marvel at the stars on such a cold, clear night.

In the face of a bit of frustration, a too-common byproduct of too much to do, I said, "Beth, you get to decide to how feel in this moment" and I cast the frustration aside.

There was so much on which to focus, so much for which to be glad, so much for which to be thankful. Bounty all around me.

My love and appreciation to all those who made that so.

I hope your holidays are rich with all that matters most.


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