Friday, November 04, 2011

Dry Cleaning, Past And Peanut ...

Doreen is an accountant by day, a job for her I find fascinating because she is so much more interesting than "accountant' conjures.

(Then again, so is Nat – Hi, Nat! – but hey, someone has to add up the world's numbers and make sure they balance. Then again again, my mom – Hi, Mom! – always amazed me with her 10-key dexterity, and while she wasn't an accountant, per se, she did the books for my parents' business and neither of them ever ended up in trouble with the IRS. But Mom doesn't come off as the numberly sort, either. But I digress.)

Anyhoo, Doreen has a keen eye for the interesting and the silly and the incongruous and the absurd, so it came as no surprise, on a recent visit, that she had kept aside for me two dry-cleaning bags she'd recently received.

Behold, the 1960s!

The copy reads: "Cuddly & Soft AS A KITTEN – Sweaters and Knitwear Luxuriously Dry Cleaned – Whether it's Lush Angora or a Man-Made Fabric... your Sweaters and Knitwear never had it so soft. From our Custom Cleaning Process to our Personalized Finishing Service... a labor of careful attention to the smallest detail is our rule. P.S. You can check the Cuddly Softness of your freshly cleaned Knitwear and Sweater against the next Kitten you meet."


I love that there's a P.S. The Excessive Capitalization is Unnecessary, but to Each His Own.

On the other hand, we have this one, which looks like it was drawn by Charles Schulz:


I never really thought about the need for someone to design dry-cleaning bags. Love the juxtaposition, though.

Thanks, Do!


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