Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Let It Snow ...

Not just yet, of course.

Before I traverse winter, I want to savor fall.

It is warm here this week. The forecast calls for mid- to upper-70s. Indian summer, so they say.

Fine. Have your way, weather. But then bring me my fall. My beloved fall. My vibrant trees and fallen leaves and nip in the air.

I just read a story that the Chicago area will experience the worst of winter for this trip around the sun, a repeat of last winter's massive snowfall, nearly 60 inches in a part of the world that normally sees around 30.

My first reaction was a disheartened, "Swell."

My second reaction was, "Meteorologists are often wrong about the weather for tomorrow." So I'll believe the weather when it arrives.

Or doesn't.

As I root for fall, friends are warning me, as if I'm not aware that winter is on the other side.

I know winter is looming. And I am more than willing to welcome winter so long as fall and I can have our time together first.

I don't mind winter. Yes, last year's blizzard was a bit of overkill, but I work from home most of the time. I do not have to commute in it every day.

I still get excited for the first snow of the year, the first real snow, an inch or two, more than a halfhearted dusting.

I like waking up in the morning to falling snow and putting on a pot of coffee and starting my day.

Sometimes, I put on a scarf. I like wearing a scarf inside. It's cozy.

And I am always mindful and grateful for the warmth, that I have a home to shelter me from the snow and wind and cold. I know that many are not so fortunate.

So, let it snow, weatherpeople. I'll be ready.

But today, I have to rake some leaves.


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