Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fine Wine ...

You know what's sad?

Yes, yes, "Jerseylicious," that's true.

But you know what else is sad?

Pouring wine down the drain. Spent wine. Wine past its prime. Wine that, even stopped with a vacuum-seal stopper thingee, doesn't taste good after a day or two.


Of course, such sadness is preventable. The solution is to simply drink the wine before it turns.

But I have a strange relationship with wine. Sometimes, I want a couple of glasses, and then, I don't. For some number of days. And then, for the bottle of the moment, it's too late.

This morning, I poured too much of a bottle of Cabernet down the drain, and thought, "No more."

This afternoon, I headed to Trader Joe's.

Back in July, Angelo informed me, excitedly, of the existence of Trader Joe's wine in a box.

Yes, wine in a box. Australian Shiraz. (From the people who brought you Two-Buck Chuck. So you know this is going to end well.)

The box contains three liters, the equivalent of four bottles. It's nifty bladder system keeps the wine fresh for 45 days.


A month and a half.

Six weeks and three days.

An eighth of a year.

My point being, there is little chance that this wine will end up going down the drain.

But even if it does, it won't pain me too greatly.

Why?, you ask.

Because this box equivalent of four bottles of wine retails for ... $9.99.

Oh, that's right: The equivalent of just slightly less than $2.50 a bottle.

So assuming four glasses per bottle, the box contains sixteen glasses of wine.

Factoring in tax, that works out to about 67 cents a glass.


Do you know what else you can buy for 67 cents in this world?!

Yeah, I don't either.

Angelo also recommended the Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator. (He uses it for all reds, not just the boxed stuff.)

It retails for $39.99.

Yup, I dispensed 67 cents worth of wine through a $40 wine aerator. (But not really. Hello, $10 coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond.)

And the end result?

The best glass of red I've ever had?


But drinkable?


And an end to the sadness at my sink.

Thank you, friend. I raise my glass to you.


Blogger angelo said...

Best. Photo. Ever.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Ah, you're too kind.

And modest.

1:02 PM  

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