Thursday, September 29, 2011

Being Seen ...

I tend to surround myself with like-minded people. But then, don't we all?

There's a reason we're friends with the people we befriend and who befriend us.

But there are those who know us in a casual way, and then there are those who resonate on a deeper level.

What a relief it is to find those friends.

I am fortunate to know a handful who know me, see me, believe in me, often better than I am able, in the moment, to know, see, or believe in myself. They are generous and patient and kind. They stay nearby, year after year, holding mirrors, being mirrors, waiting.

Some years ago, I wrote this story which featured this quote from an interviewee:

"For a lot of our folks, you have to hide a bit of who 'you' is to get along with most people. It's like falling into frosting when you can go to an event and meet people you can talk with."

I loved that imagery: falling into frosting.

(My friends, they love frosting. As do I. Who doesn't, really?)

But indeed, it is like falling into frosting, though I had never thought of it that way, had never heard that phrase before that interview. A soft place to fall, comfortable and sweet.

Of course, my friends also help me to see my unsavory side, traits I'd like to change, shift, better.

I am grateful to them. And I hope I am able to repay them in some small way, with time or favors or understanding.

Or cake.


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