Saturday, July 30, 2011

Goodwill, Indeed ...

Every so often, I pop into my local Goodwill and peruse a few shelves for possible food-styling props.

Yesterday was one such day.

I was in the hunt for a cordial glass. On the first pass, I found shot glasses. I found vodka chillers. I found one cordial but it was too modern in feel. I did find a juice glass that had some age. I didn't want anything new.

I did another pass. Nothing.

I did a third. Voila!

On the way to the register, I checked the aisle of assorted household stuff. Behold, a silver oval tray. Have I mentioned my addiction to silver oval trays?


I have an addiction to silver oval trays.

At the register, the cashier asked if I'd be using any coupons or discounts. (I love that Goodwill even offers coupons or discounts.)

No, I told her.

So she handed me a scratch-off ticket and a pen, to use the cap to scratch off the ticket to see how much I'd save.

Scratch, scratch, scratch: 20%.

And so my total, tax included, for two wee glasses and a small tray?


Best. Prop. Resource. Ever.

I always walk out of there feeling like I should give them extra money, on principle. How do they accomplish good things with totals like $1.28?

Someday, I shall write a check.


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