Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Donna's Birthday ...

Tomorrow, July 20, my friend's Sheila and Jeremy's daughter, Donna, would have turned 6. To honor her memory, we're all going to wear black, not to be solemn, but to celebrate her life. Black was Donna's favorite color. I invite all my friends to join us, and join Donna's Good Things on Facebook, and post pictures of themselves in black.

(Yep, it's gonna be a scorcher in Chicago. Perhaps you'll wear cool black sunglasses. It's the spirit that counts.)

You can read Donna's story and learn of other ways to get involved at donnasgoodthings.org.

Update: Today is Donna's birthday. It warms my heart to see so many people on the Donna's Good Things Facebook page posting pictures of themselves wearing black in her honor. Sheila and Jeremy shared this photo of Donna with me. It is on the desk in my office. Every day, I wish her a good morning and she, in turn, reminds me to choose hope.

Don something black today. Honor Donna. And choose hope.


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