Thursday, July 14, 2011

Akbar 'N' Jeff's Cryonics Hut ...

One of the folks I follow on Twitter, @steveweinstein, posted this tweet earlier today: "The good Christian Bachmann Clinic's position on Jews: Pray Away the Oy Vey."

Which made me chuckle. And made me think of Matt Groening's brilliant "Akbar 'n' Jeff's Cryonics Hut" tagline: "Where the Elite Beat the Heat and Avoid Having to Meet St. Pete."

I did a quick search for the 'toon and lo and behold, I did not find it.

So I snapped a snap with my snappy snap camera at a resolution high enough to allow folks to read the whole thing. (Click on the image for the larger version.)

"Yes We Have Party Ice"!



Blogger Steve Davenport said...

Thanks, Beth! This needed to be on the internet.
Also it's one of my favorite "The elite meet to..." rhymes

1:57 PM  

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