Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some Days ...

There are days. And then there are days.

Some days are mundane, which is my own fault, I know.

And some days are sad. I feel like I have a little less power over those. Emotions are pushy bastards. They often get their way.

And then there are days when everything just gels. Not in big ways. The earth does not shatter, minds do not bend, but everything just clicks. Flows. Easy world, my friend Julia would call it. Easy world, indeed.

And today was one of those days. Goodness was everywhere. People helping people. Friends pursuing dreams.

Even in moments of extreme stress for some in my circle, the goodness came from them standing up for themselves and saying, "No more," and not buying into the drama of others for another day.

I like it here.


Blogger your friend laura said...

amen, girl.

experienced something similar lately, too.

emotions ARE pushy bastards. holy geez. but sometimes, we just have to push. right. back.

you go, girl.


3:56 PM  

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