Friday, June 17, 2011

A Lamp, A Lamp, My Kingdom (Such As It Is) For A Lamp ...

My standards may be too high. Or too different. Because I have the damnedest time finding things for my house.

I've lived here coming up on 11 years. I still haven't found a rug for my bedroom. Now, granted, I've mostly stopped looking, and it's not like rugs just present themselves in my path every day, but really? In 11 years of being out and about, a rug hasn't caught my eye? A rug that will work? Nope.

I think I finally settled on FLOR carpet tiles for my TV room, but the FLOR people, bless their creative hearts, keep adding new products. Every catalog that arrives leaves me saying, "Ooh! Maybe these!" (I'm planning on mixing two styles.)

And so my latest home-decor frustration is my search for a lamp to perch upon this table:

Could it be any cooler?

My awesome $5 lamp won't work. It's just a wee bit too tall. (And I have yet to get a shade for it, and the one I was most inclined toward is no longer available, so I guess that wasn't the right shade after all.) And I have searched every lamp-y site I can think of, and keep my eyes open for lamps when I'm out and about.

Clearly, the right lamp is hiding out with my would-be bedroom rug.

I think the problem is in the looking. I didn't plan on buying the awesome table. It just appeared in front of me at my friend Lenore's (now-shuttered) store and I fell in love with it. But I didn't buy it and I didn't buy it and then she announced that she was closing and she marked everything down 25% and then, with a week left, she marked everything else down 30%, and there the table sat, forlornly, in the corner, surely feeling unloved.

So I had to give it a home. I am nothing if not compassionate when it comes to wayward furniture. Why, just yesterday, I saw that a coffee table I like is still for sale on Craigslist and it was all I could do not to call and go get it. I don't really have a place for it (though I suppose it would be happy enough in front of the couch in the basement for the time being), and I will not become one of those people who has to rent a storage locker because they have too much stuff.

So, I let the Craigslist table be. But I really do need a lamp for this table. Any suggestions? You can leave links in the comments and if you point me toward the lamp I buy, I'll totally bake a batch of cookies and send 'em your way!


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